Build Safe, Live Well

Jeff England, PE of DeanBuilds, Appointed to AGC Board
January 2, 2018
Dean Builds Names Jeff England, PE Vice President of Operations
July 30, 2018

At Dean Builds, we believe learning to build safely is essential to living well. We understand how one workplace injury can have far reaching ramifications that extend beyond the boundary of a construction site. One careless act can permanently diminish one’s quality of life, and the lives of their dependents.

The men and women who work on our projects are our most valuable resource and deserve to work in a safe environment. An incident always affects more than one person, and by realizing the totality of an injury, we feel a greater appreciation for our commitment to safety.

This is a commitment aimed at creating a positive safety culture, not only within our company, but throughout our industry. Safety is what happens before an accident, not after. And we diligently implement a safety policy aimed at eliminating the potential for workplace injuries to occur.

The absence of injury does not mean the presence of safety.